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Ben Murray, CPCC, ACC
Murray Thorpe, CPCC, ACC

We want to help you transform connections with yourself, your friends and family, community and your world. We are dedicated to supporting you in building the life you want, living your passions and fulfilling your dreams.

  • TransForming Connections provides personal and professional coaching, and workshop/training facilitation to individuals and organizations. Our focus is on working with the GLBTQ community, with a special emphasis on working with transmen, their families, friends, allies and communities.
  • We work with individuals, couples/families, and groups or organizations, including Public Servants, government departments and agencies, and non-profits.
  • We facilitate Action Learning Groups and deliver workshops on a variety of topics, particularly focussing on the trans community.

We believe that everyone can benefit from coaching.  We work with people going through or planning major transitions in their lives and we coach those who are doing fine overall but would like to tweak some areas of their life, perhaps more time for family or hobbies, a more balanced life, living with more purpose and passion in greater alignment with their life purpose and values.

LGB Trans Issues

  • Gender identity – exploring, transitioning, post-transition.
  • Coming out, disclosing
  • Negotiating relationships

Family and Life Issues

  • Looking for a relationship
  • Beginning or ending a relationship
  • Starting/adding to your family
  • Launching kids or kids failing to launch

Career Transitions Issues

  • New job, promotion
  • Change of career
  • Retirement

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