What Clients Say About Us

What people have said about our workshops.

As a fellow public educator, I was impressed with how the workshop combined a well-structured program with a flexible schedule that allowed for some quality group discussion and introspection. The facilitators had open minds, excellent chemistry, and a great sense of humour! It shows that a lot of work went into preparing this session.
Ottawa, Canada

Thanks to their holistic approach, Ben and Murray’s workshop provided me with a unique opportunity to pursue my personal development by working towards reconciling the different parts of my life (emotional, romantic, social, physical, professional, etc.). Ben and Murray’s sensitivity to trans issues, deep compassion, respect, sense of humour, and willingness to listen immediately put me at ease and reassured me that I was in a safe place to share my story. I hope to be able to participate in future workshops with them!
New York, USA

What people have said about our coaching

The coaching space that Murray creates is like a big, warm, spacious hug. I feel really seen and understood by him. I can tell him anything without feeling foolish. And in that safe, judgment-free space, Murray’s focus is relentlessly sharp. He digs right through to the very heart of things, and helps me identify and cut away the ballast that can weigh me down.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I want to thank you for your kind support and challenges during the weekend of CTI. I believe you exemplified everything I believe what an effective coach would do. On top of that, your heart was palpable.
Ottawa, Canada

Ben has helped me to see and move into my greatness. He helps me see where I am holding myself back, and challenges me to move forward. I am accomplishing things I never would have thought I could do because of our work together. Ben is incredibly intuitive; I am always amazed at his capabilities. He is able to listen to my confusion, realize its root, and offer me doable goals that bring me in line with my values and aspirations. My life is so much richer because of our work together.
Ottawa, Canada

Working with Ben makes me discover a part of myself I never knew. His compassion and understanding made it easy for me to open up and share thoughts I never did with anybody before. Having him as a mentor made me reach some goals that were way overdue. I really enjoy our sessions and would recommend them to everybody.
Ottawa, Canada

Ben is a devoted and skilled coach. With Ben’s assistance, I was able to navigate some difficult situations at work, maintain a hopeful attitude and find creative, positive solutions. As a result, I am happier and more empowered in my workplace and in my life. Thank you, Ben!
Ottawa, Canada