Upcoming Events

Events & Workshops

Workshops/training are tailored to the needs/circumstances of our clients and can be anywhere from 2-3 hours, to a half day or full day, at your site or ours. We have procured space on an on-going basis, so we are able to offer a variety of workshops with different themes and audiences.  The space is accessible, sunny, private and comfortable, close to downtown Ottawa and easily accessible by bus.

For registration and further details, contact us at: info@transformingconnections.ca

We never want money to be a barrier, so for all our workshops, we offer a sliding scale for those with limited financial means.  Contact us to discuss what’s reasonable.

Examples of Events

  • “Trans 101 for Managers and Service Providers.”  This workshop is for managers and service providers who want to better serve their clients and/or support their staff. This can be for organizations who server gender diverse clients, or who have gender diverse staff and would like to provide training to colleagues.
    For more information: Trans 101 for managers and service providers
  • Transmasculine and non-binary individuals identifying towards the masculine side of the spectrum – coming out, transition support, family/relationship issues, dating, etc.
  • Spouses, partners, family members of gender diverse individuals – information sharing, support, etc.